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Roof Warranty 101

Many products are backed with a material only warranty.  These will vary from product to product.  Some products offer additional coverage for an additional cost.  This will often be through a contractor that the manufacturer has tested to meet specific standards and commits to using the manufacturers whole system.  Some contractors have required their installers to pass required testing to be able to offer additional warranties.  In some cases these added warranties might cover labor and materials.  Deciding on whether to purchase additional coverage is a personal decision.  At any rate, if you are using a contractor who is able to offer these additional warranties, it is a good sign they have experience and knowledge in the products they are installing on your home.  

When you see a shingle manufacturer offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty, this does not mean that your roof will be covered by a warranty for your lifetime.  The shingle (not the roof system or installation) is covered for the lifetime of a roof, which has stated conditions (for example, is able to be transferred to another homeowner once) and is prorated over a specified amount of time. Read over your manufacturer warranty for details.  Your contractor can provide these for you or you can always contact us for information on manufacturer warranties. 

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