Ecoasis™ NEX™ is an architectural shingle that features specially engineered solar reflective granules. Ecoasis™ NEX™ is fortified with sustainable NEX™ polymer modified asphalt technology for enhanced granule adhesion and extreme weather protection, including Class 3 impact resistance. This product includes color hues designed to resemble popular standard shingle colors. Ecoasis™ NEX™ shingles have measured radiative property values listed with the Cool Roof Rating Council and can be used to comply with California Energy Code Title 24, Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements.


Malarkey Ecoasis NEX

    •  Limited Lifetime Material Warranty

    • 110 mph (177 kph) Limited Wind Warranty

    •  130 mph (209 kph) Enhanced Wind Warranty Available

    • Your Choice™ Warranty Program

    •  12-year Right Start™ Period

    • Ecoasis™ NEX™ listed with the CRRC

    • Ecoasis™ NEX™ can be used to comply with CEC Title 24, Part 6 Cool Roof Requirements