Roofing Manufacturers Announce a July Increase

Roofing has gone through 6 increases in the past 2 years and it looks as though they are keeping the trend going. Roofing manufacturers have made their announcements to increase again at the beginning of July 2019. Historically, the best time to buy a roof was January - March. Lately, the best time to buy is before the next price increase. You can call a wholesale roofing distributor like A.L.L. Roofing Materials to request contact info for quality roofing contractors. If you are hunting for the best price, get a few estimates and be wary of the much lower bidder. In this climate of rapid price increases, some contractors are not aware of what they are paying in materials and will try to stay on budget with short cuts. And it's always better to purchase your new roof before your current one fails. It is much easier to find a good price for quality work when you are not having to rely on the one contractor who can fit your job in or resort to expensive repair jobs on an old roof. If you have any questions about where to start when looking to purchase a new roof, give your local independent roofing distributor a call.

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