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Most roof products are now available in Cool Roof color options.  These are products that have been certified Cool by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).  They must achieve a solar reflectance and a thermal emmitance value that qualifies them to be rated a Cool Roof.  Reflecting more solar energy and having an increased ability to release the heat that has been absorbed, will lead to cooler roofs, cooler attics, and energy savings.  A.L.L. Roofing Materials is committed to providing these Cool Roof products and the roof accessories that promote energy savings so you can say My Roof is Cooler Than Yours.



My Roof is Cooler Than Yours


 We are proud to stock COOL asphalt composition shingles.  Many cities are adopting COOL shingle code requirements.  Many homeowners are choosing to go with COOL shingles for the benefits, the look, and the resale value.  As we roof more of our homes and buildings with COOL shingles or other COOL products, we can reduce the Heat Island Effect in our cities. 

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 There are many factors that contribute to the Heat Island Effect.  One of these being that the building materials we use are very good at insulating and holding onto heat.  Installing roofs that Reflect more of the Sun's heat and that also Emit the absorbed heat more quickly, will collectively help to work against the Heat Island Effect. 

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